Prerequisite: Our Bartender Course, or 6 months experience working in the industry, as well as a valid Proserve.

Our Management Certification provides you with all the training you’ll need to become an outstanding management professional, in this ever-changing hospitality industry.

The course includes 20 Hours of Practical Instruction, a 50+ page management workbook with leadership strategies, staff management, liquor/labor/food laws, financials (including liquor/labor/food costs), marketing & promotions, how to read the crowd, and MUCH, MUCH more.

Too often in this industry, a great bartender is promoted to bar supervisor or manager, with no additional training. They usually lack the full skill set to perform their new job responsibilities at a high level. It is important to know all of the laws and regulations, and it also helps to have some new creative ideas for promotions.

This course is great for venues looking to promote existing bar staff, or for bartenders looking to climb the management ladder.

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Bar Management Certification Class

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