• Bartending Certification Course


      Become a trained bartending professional
      Become a trained
      bartending professional
  • Mixology Seminar


      Fresh ingredients & unexpected flavor combinations
      Fresh ingredients &
      unexpected flavor
  • Wine Tasting Seminar

    Wine Tasting

      Increase your confidence around the subject of wine
      Increase your confidence
      around the subject of wine
  • Set Up A Home Bar

    Set Up A
    Home Bar

      Host your next event like a pro
      Host your next
      event like a pro
  • Proserve Certification Course


      Certification for serving alcohol in Alberta
      Certification for serving
      alcohol in Alberta


The Metropolitan School of Bartending is Calgary's top bartending school providing the hospitality industry with certified, well–trained, exceptional bartenders since 1995.

— Our Courses & Seminars —

  Bartending Certification
  Wine Tasting
  Set up a Home Bar
  Proserve Certification

I completed the bartending course in the evenings and the bar chef seminar (will be taking the wine and flair seminars as well). I absolutely loved the course! Kasia was an incredible instructor and I learned a lot. She had excellent rapport with the students and created a fun and encouraging learning environment. I feel prepared for a bartending job, as well as satisfied that if I decide to not take a bartending job I had a great experience that I will take with me regardless. I recommend this class even if you don't want to be a bartender and just want to have fun and learn some drink making techniques! Ian taught the bar chef seminar and was an equally amazing teacher. Overall, an amazing experience!

Erin V.