Once  a month: 20-hour Bartender Training Course Monday – Thursday, 5:00 p.m.–10 p.m. | 4 Evening Course


Our Bartending Certification Course provides you with all the training you’ll need to become an outstanding bartending professional, in the ever-changing hospitality industry (and yes, there are jobs out there for our grads!)

The course includes: 20 Hours of Practical “Behind the Bar” Instruction, an 80+ page Bartending workbook with recipe guide, Tip strategies, how to make Martini’s, how to “Cut-off” a guest without causing a scene, and 30+ Table Service Drills on the most common guest issues.

Pay via Paypal, Stripe (credit cards) or email transfer to

Includes a $75 non-Refundable deposit.

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Mixology Class in Calgary at Metropolitan School of Bartending

Bartender Certification Class

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